Kibana For Solaris Sparc

Hi ,

We worked hard getting ElasticSearch and Kibana ready for our Customer.
However, we ended up getting Solaris Sparc machines.

Unfortunately, Kibana is not compatible with Solaris.

Kindly suggest if anyone has builds for Solaris Sparc


The issue is nodejs, if you can get that then you can probably build KB.

Like @warkolm said, node.js is the platform specific dependency. If you download the linux build and extract the archive you will find the node.js executable. Simply replace it with one from this page that works for solaris (I think it's one of the SunOS builds).

As far as I can see, that page unfortunately only have binaries for Solaris on x86/x64 and not Sparc.

Thanks @Christian , so is there anyways by which we can have Kibana 4 up on Solaris Sparc?
Kibana 3 was platform independant.