Kibana Doesnt work on Ossec Unix System

Hi There,
I am new to a company as a network technician.
I have been tasked with fixing their kibana system, I don't have any UNIX or Linux background apart from installing a few Linux systems.

The machine runs on a VM the reports still work we can work with it but currently the dashboard doesn't load at all.. when you do "service kibana4 status" it will say Kibana is running but then after about 30 minutes, it will say Kibana is not running.

I would love all the help i can get. My colleague knows a lot of code and is familiar with UNIX systems so if any code is needed he can enter this with me.

Apparently this is a Necessity for the company. So it currently works just the dashboard doesn't- if the logs don't get stored we are pretty screwed from my understanding.


It sounds like you may be trying to run Kibana on an unsupported platform. As per the docs:

Packages of Kibana are provided for and tested against Linux, Darwin, and Windows. Since Kibana runs on Node.js, we include the necessary Node.js binaries for these platforms. Running Kibana against a separately maintained version of Node.js is not supported.

Thanks Lukas for your reply

What would you recommend being our GUI for our ossec server then?


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