Kibana is NOT running/working

Kibana says its running but then after 30 mins stops.
We are running this on a VM,
It has 16gb ram and 10 Virtual Processors Ive had people say that its because of a garbage collector so its heavy on the ram etc.. obviously 16gb is overkill and it still doesn't want to run.
The OSSEC report however still works. We are still getting all reports and functionality but its kibana that doesn't work and i am not familiar with it.


I can run Kibana and ES on 2GB of ram and it works, so I don't think you have a problem there. I do not have much data, so 2GB is enough for me.

Run Kibana in quiet mode and provide the output:

./kibana -q -l /tmp/kibana.out

this is our problem.. still kinda confused.

Is your Kibana and ES on the same VM? If not, are they on the same rack?

Yes they are on the same VM.

Once you have ES started can you run:

  1. free -m

  2. ulimit -a

  3. Start Kibana with sudo

sudo ./kibana

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