Unhealthy kibana instance

Unhealthy deployment, NO kibana instances are running. I am facing this issue after editing configuration in yml file. I changed edits back to the original configurations but still kibana instance is down.

What do your Kibana logs show?

Received logs of nearly 100 pages and didn't find useful and exact problems in log. This is how my logs look like

Hi @Ashvin_Bhutekar - I was looking at your deployment in ESS today but it seems that Kibana is not starting because of an out of memory exception. I suspect this has something to do with the saved objects migration. I see that you opened a support case - I will reply to you tomorrow in the support case.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @Ashvin_Bhutekar - I replied to your team in the support case. Your deployment is now green and available.

Two reasons why Kibana was unable to start:

  • Given the number of saved objects in the .kibana index, Kibana was under-scaled and was running out of memory (OOM).
  • .kibana index contained documents from a newer Kibana version. This was preventing Kibana from starting-up (i.e saved objects migration was failing). This is a good indicator that an on-premise Kibana instance (running newer version) was connected to your ESS deployment. Such configuration is not supported.

I hope that helps. If you run into any other issues with your ESS deployment, feel free to open a new support case (one of the perks from having a subscription with us :slight_smile: ).

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