Problem in kibana (web browser not working)


I installed elasticsearch and kibana on my local pc with virtualbox machine.
They are works good.

later, I install same application on linux server, they are not working.
The linux server cannot access internet connection.
elasticsearch log seems to be good.
and I send the curl command with linux terminal, (curl http://localhost:9200) then response ok (receive json message)

The problem is in kibana.

in the linux terminal, no error message for running kibana, but in web browser, connect to http://localhost:5601 -> the browser response connection refuse message.

In linux termianl, "server running at http://localhost:5601" message,
send the curl command with linux terminal, (curl http://localhost:5601) then no response.

I don't know the reason, why kibana not work in web browser.

Please help me.

Hi @gregory7 Welcome to the community.

So you have elasticsearch and Kibana with all defaults on a single linux server, is that correct.

Perhaps set this setting, in the kibana.yml see settings here that should allow Kibana to be accessed by the servers IP : ""

Thanks for your help.

In linux server, elasticsearch config file(elasticsearch.yml) is default configuration, but some changes of log and data path ( this is same for my virtual machine's elasticsearch configuration) and kibana's configuration is totally default configuration.

I change the kibana's configuration as belows : "localhost"
=> ""

and stop the kibana and restart kibana

Then, it works of web browser for kibana dashboard.

Thank you very much.

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