Kibana not working on linux

I have used kibana and elasticsearch in windows my local pc. but there is some error i'm facing when i working with kibana which is installed on linux sesrver.
I installed elasticsearch and kibana version 7.9.2 on linux server.
i used putty for install kibana and elasticsearch from their official docs.

  1. elasticsearch : wget
  2. kibana : curl -O

i used those command to install on linux.
i assign port 5601 as
when i oepn in browser i cant see kibana there.
i'm new to linux server for elasticsearch and kibana .
I would like to know how to work with it.

Thank you !!
for more details :


elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://localhost:9200"]
elasticsearch.username: "something"
elasticsearch.password: "something"

This seems almost like a duplicate of this one: Kibana showing error

yeah,sorry but when posting topic maybe my network is week so i don't know it posted or not so i add one more.

No worries! I just wanted to point it out so the developers helping you might see some additional details in this issue too. :slight_smile:

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