Elasticsearch Setup Kibana and start on Linux server

Hi Team,

I have installed Elasticsearch 7.3.0 on Linux server and created one master node. On another server(Linux), i have installed Same Elasticsearch version and made it as data node. Also I have passed required configuration for connecting these servers. Everything is working fine.

Now I installed Kibana on Linux server (of master node) using below command -
wget https://download.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-1.7.2.deb

and then

sudo dpkg -i kibana-7.3.0-amd64.deb

And edited below kibana.yml file -

server.host: ""// my IP of the current server
elasticsearch.hosts: [""] // URL of elasticsearch master node(which is on same server)
#server.port: 5601 // using default port.

Now when I am trying to access Kibana using http://myserverip:5601 then its not working and showing "This site can't be reached".

Can anyone guide me what I am doing wrong or any step I am missing?

If any more detail needed, please let me know.

I got the solution for this problem.

I was making mistake that on Linux, I need to uncomment port: 5601 (default port) from yml file and it works fine. This topic can be closed now.