Kibana Generate PDF function Returns Internal Server Error

Hi Guys,

Kindly assist I have encountered an issue with KIbana, when i try to generate PDF reports, it returns internal Server error, please see error log message below, I'm new to elastic.

Kibana reporting error ":["error","plugins","reporting"],"pid":6376,"message":"{ Error: [validation_exception] Validation Failed: 1: this action would add [2] total shards, but this cluster currently has [3000]/[3000] maximum shards open

Many Thanks

Hi @mbathann,

Welcome to the community! Which version of Elasticsearch and Kibana are you using?

It looks like your cluster has too many shards and you're hitting the limit. Can you check the size of your shards using the _cluster/stats API. I would also consider using the _shrink API as per this old thread.

Hope that helps!


You can increase the maximum number of open shards in your cluster by updating the cluster.max_shards_per_node setting. However, be aware that having too many shards can lead to performance issues, so it's important to find a balance that works for your specific use case.


Hi @carly.richmond and @yago82

Thank you for your response, I'm using kibana-7.10.1, I will try out what you guys have sugessted.

Many Thanks
Njabulo Mbatha

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