404 on PDF Report

I am on 7.16.2 version of elastic cloud. I am trying to generate a PDF report from a dashboard with ~25 visualizations. The generated PDF contains only error string(as shown in below image).

The last successful report was generated 2 days back only. I also see a warning in the reporting page. the error is as shown below (i couldn't get all of the error due to unresizable/scrollable widget).

The "open URL" phase took longer than 60 seconds. You may need to increase "xpack.reporting.c

Just after generating the report, Cliking the popurl app/management/insightsAndAlerting/reporting) leads to the same error
{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}

I searched for the error and came across [Reporting] 404 on PDF Report · Issue #72475 · elastic/kibana · GitHub which apparently talk about same issue but that is already fixed in 7.9.x .

Can someone guide me here what can i do to troubleshoot my elastic environment?

To add further, Seems like this is specific to user permissions. Some users with exactly same roles(even lesser) are able to generate reports. Is there any limit on number of reports that can be generated by an user?

@tsullivan can we please get some help here?


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One more observation. The same user is able to generate report on another dashboard as checked.

Hi @BalajiTechs , there is no limit on the number of reports a user can generate, at least not any imposed by Kibana.

The way we generate reports has been updated, notably since 7.15.0 https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/101048.

We use the reporting management UI to redirect a user from reporting, which does some state migration, to the app where the screenshot is taken. Therefore the user should be able to access the "Reporting" subsection in Stack Management.

If you are using legacy reporting roles (i.e., xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false ) you must give the user the role reporting_user. Otherwise the recommended xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false requires that the user have access to reporting capabilities in the Analytics subsection.

It is strange that you are seeing different behavior for the same user regarding access to the stack management. A few questions:

  • what does the user see in stack management?
  • what are the current roles + permissions given to the roles of the user?
  • what does the user see in stack management?
    I see "Reporting", "Advance Settings", and some other settings.
  • what are the current roles + permissions given to the roles of the user?
    Here are the roles attached to user.

I am not sure Why two of the roles are shown in yellow.

FYI, Removing "reporting_user" and attaching back fixed the issue somehow.

OK cool!

Elastic stack is removing some of the legacy roles that should rather make use of Kibana privileges. The link to the docs talks a bit more about this and the Upgrade Assistant will surface this as an issue before upgrading to v8 of the stack.

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