Kibana- Getting Total minutes in visualization based on the interval choosen in the dashboard

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Hi, I am trying to create visualization for Average Handling Time in percentage. Total Hours used data available in ES. But Calculating the percentage denominator has to be dynamic based on the interval choosen from the Dasboard. How to obtain the interval choosen in the dashboard to the visualization.
Now I have hardcoded the denominator like {"script:":"(_value/43200)*100"}. Number of minutes for month in denominator. If the interval changed to 1 Year or Week, I need to change the denominator respectively. Is there anyway to achieve this. Your help is much appreciated.

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @kjana83, are you using a scripted field to calculate the average? Could you post a few documents that represent the type of data that you're working with and the chart that you're looking to create based on this data?

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