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Will we ever get an easy to use Percentage tool for the Metric Visualisation and not simply the Visualisation Builder as this does not accurately show data over multiple years as we can only select the most recent d, w or y.

This feature has been requested countless times on the Elastic Github, is there any reason why the developers cannot deliver this feature or is it in the works?



Hi, I work on visualizations in Kibana, and recently wrote a post about places we do support showing percents. TSVB is my recommendation for now, as you have seen:

We do have reasons for not shipping a percent interface for every visualization. The biggest issue is an interface one: users need to select the type of percent that they are showing, and there's at least these options:

  • The number represents a percent already, such as CPU %
  • For a single metric without a split, you need to divide A / B- what's B? Is it another query?
  • For a metric that's split, you need to divide each metric (A1, A2, A3) / B- is B the subtotal of A1+A2+A3, or is it another number entirely?

There's fewer requests than you might think for this too- here are the ones I can find:

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Hi Wylie thanks for your reply.

I want to build this outside of the TSVB due to the limitation with bucket use, the gauges won't load 2019 and 2020 data together and that's not a true representation so we cannot use it.

The approach we need is (A1, A2, A3) / 100 which requires the use of Filter Ratio as explained in this discussion you linked;

If Filter Ratio was available outside TSVB, this would be a doddle.



@wylie TSVB has been updated in 7.4.0 with "Date timerange mode" so my request to include true percentage's outside of Visual Builder becomes redundant I think as I prefer to use TSVB as opposed to the standalone Metric builder, see; Dashboard not showing multi-year data

Thanks very much for your reply,


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