Kibana graph now showing on a selected Index

Hi All,

I have got an issue where a particular index is not showing the graph like other indexes do within discovery. This index I am referring to is for the ingestion of Cloudtrail logs not showing the bar graph as it should do like shown in the diagram below:

Is there a way to set the graph for this index? I would have thought it comes by default but in this case it is not.

Help would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

For reference what does the other index look like in discover?

Hi @defalt,

Thank you for your response. The index that is not showing the graph is just blank at the top as shown:

Just a stupid question and I am pretty sure you checked it but did you chose the right timescale and does your index contain data? If there is no data it should be blank. :thinking:

yes timescale is set to date like the others and yes index is ingesting data

Did you set a timefield? What does the index "mapping" look like in kibana? Anything unusual there?

yeah this is what I got for the index

However I dont get to see the little blue time icon next to the @timestamp

And mapping shows:


I think thats were the problem is. Maybe create a new Index pattern and select the @timestamp as your timefield.

hmmm...ideally we want to try and avoid that as this is a production environment and require to use the same index name.

This index pattern timefield was already set as @timestamp

Is there any other way to fix this?

A new index pattern just for testing shouldn't be a problem with your production environment. Its just so we can check if thats actually the problem or if its something else.

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ahh bravo that seemed to work. Definitely something wrong with the old index

I was hoping to refresh the index name in Management > Kibana index but no joy. Very strange

Can't you change your production environment for a new index pattern? This would solve it as it works with this new pattern.

Yeah i guess we have no other choice really. Thank you so much for your help defalt

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