Add "time" chart on kibana

hi all, i want adding time chart like the screenshot. kibana only show the "document" field ony. i've add the index pattern and it doesn't work. any help please!

my kibana currently

Hi @christbiz86 and welcome to the community. If you take a look at the query bar, you'll see that you don't have a time picker visible. That means you haven't defined a default time field for your index pattern. Does your data have a timestamp field?If so, make sure to choose it when adding an index pattern in Management page.

Hi @Marta_Bondyra thank you for your information.

i have a timestamp field. i also already adding an index pattern

on discover page it shows blank page

please your help

Can it be that you have no data in this time range (last 1 year)? You could try to expand it to more (last 15 years etc) and see what's there.

Or even better, you could try to get the documents you have in your index via dev tools and see what timestamps you have. In your case the call would be:

GET site*/_search/
  "query": {
    "match_all": {}
  "fields": [
  "_source": false

Here's an example:

Here i shared the API response

it shows have 2 data in this time range

Ok, so looking at your logs looks like your entries are older than one year. In Discover, modify the time picker to two years and you should see your entries and a chart.
Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 08.11.04

woahh you did it.. thank you @Marta_Bondyra for your helps

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