Kibana Graph - Tree, Tidy of D3.js for create a line trail on my infrastructure with a correlationID


i want know if the Graph module on Kibana use D3.js ? and if is possible to create a tree graph with only path on dateTime log .
I should see a from left to right (oldest to newest) a path on each place where a partner call went and each node (edge) being a field representing the infra and the microservice for where he passed. ?

elasticsearch fields= DOC1
@TimeStamp: "2023-03-20T10:15:38+00:00",
Emit_type: "frontEnd",
Emiter_name: "NGnix"
Correlation ID: "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000"

@TimeStamp: "2023-03-20T10:20:00+00:00",
Emit_type: "backEnd",
Emitter_name: "µService_A"
Correlation ID: "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426614174000"

i see first in left frontEnd icon -> backEnd icon? or with label use Emiter_name [NGnix -> µService_A]

is it possible in kibana Graph in community version ?

Hi @martel,

I assume you're looking for a tree graph similar to this example? If you're looking to create a tree graph in a Kibana dashboard I would recommend taking a look at Vega, which can be used for creating custom visualizations in Kibana.

Hope that helps!

Hello Carly,

but Vega is library js, not in kibana graph.
Or i say a error ? have you a tutorial or video to see me how add vega graph into vizualisation kibana ?

Hi @martel ,

That's for clarifying. If you're looking at Kibana Graph specifically there is a small tutorial in the Create a graph documentation. Details of how you can customize the graph are also in the docs to see if those suit your needs. But looking at the subscriptions, Graph analytics is available under platinum licence and above.

If you are finding you are meeting the limitations of Kibana Graph, as per the documentation or are not under the platinum licence, I would take a look at Vega as an alternative. There is a series of Vega tutorials available in the docs to help you get started.

thanks a lot.

why in the documentation Graph i dont see a notification or indication than Graph is under subscriptions ? but nothing on basic licence free ?

thanks you

Its listed under Graph analytics in the subscriptions page:

All features under the basic column shows the free features out of the box.

ok thanks.

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