Kibana group by device number and AVG aggregation

I have devices with unique number (dev_num)
They are sending me data (Number from sensor (sensor_number)) this number from 0-100 number

So i Need
Y axis : group devices by device number(dev_num) and get AVG(sensor_number) for every device. and then show count (I think this will be Aggregation count with Advanced JSON Input)
X axis : Aggregation : terms ; Field : sensor_number (This is clear )

So basically I need help on Y axis as I din't manage to make Y axis aggregate as I want.

Please help on this,

Thanks in advance.

Hey @rpuserh which version of Kibana are you using?

Version 5.4.0 of Kibana added quite a few new settings, including the ability to have multiple Y-Axis as discussed here in "Point Series Charts" section.

Using the following chart configuration, I was able to create the following chart:

Hi @Brandon_Kobel,
Thank you for response
Im running kibana 5.4.0
I need only count on Y Axes

I need to group by dev_num and calculate AVG number (That will be AVG(device sensor data) for every device )
Then I want to show how many devices AVG sensor data 1 then 2 then 3 ...etc 100.

@rpuserh I'm having trouble following what you'd like the graph to look like, any chance you could mock-up what you're looking to build?

Thank you fore response @Brandon_Kobel
I tried to explain it in this drawing

@rpuserh this chart isn't something that Kibana can currently create, and this is a great opportunity for an Enhancement Request in our GitHub repo

Thank you @Brandon_Kobel I will try there,

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