Kibana healthcheck page


In previous kibana versions, we could reach the kibana healthcheck page via the kibana config page... but in kibana 5.x i do not find it. I need it to show some users when system is green or yellow so they stop asking if elasticsearch have finished resync all nodes. :slight_smile:

They only have access to kibana, so no direct elasticsearch query... that is why the kibana page was helpful in the past.


It still exists but the link has been removed, you can get to it by adding /status (example: http://localhost:5601/status) to the url.


any change to add it back? just add the link it to the "build" (i) icon

Also, my ES cluster is yellow right now, but the kibana reports green... shouldn't it be yellow (it works, but performance might not bet perfect)

If you're up for modifying Kibana the link can be added back, but there's no config currently. The (i) icon is going away too,

Kibana's status is independent of elasticsearch's, yellow is good enough for kibana's elasticsearch plugin to report a green status (operational).

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