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I am using kibana 5.1.1 version i am using date pattern field "created" which is in the format of YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss. now from this date i want to see unique record count fall on each monday.

i have written following snippet but not working. getting invalid date


please help me

(Stacey Gammon) #2

I tried that in version 5.6 and it's working. Is it possible there is something wrong with your created field? Maybe there is an invalid date in there somewhere? Or some data that's missing a date?

Can you send some screenshots?

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Thank you somuch for reply i was using painless previously that is the reason i didn't get it work. now it is working on my date field but on x-axis it is showing day of theweek value as 0 instead of 1can you please tell me why it is showing 0.

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please advice me is this expression correct

doc['created'].date.dayOfWeek == 1

so i am using this one in histogram. if day of the week is monday then i am getting unique counts of my users and displaying in bar graph

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Yes, that expression should work:

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Hi, Im fresher.. I have created one dashboard in kibana and i have installed sentinl plugging for creating reports.. But i didn't found any solution for this. Can anyone help me please.

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