KIbana - How do I point to remote instance of Elasticsearch

  1. Locally I have installed Elasticsearch and KIbana (version 7.8, OS = Windows 10).
    Using KIbana console and I can type in commands in left-hand-side, click "arrow" to execute command and see results in right-hand side.

Such as example from

  1. I have been given access to a running Elasticsearch inside my company.
    From browser, I can type "remote-machine-name:9200" and it shows me usual summary with cluster_name, cluster_uuid and version array.

  2. My question is - how do I direct KIbana (installed locally) to perform "search" from remote Elasticsearch instance? And also obtain information about Data Dictionary (Index names and such details) so that I can perform relevant "search" on selective data.

You can't do that unless you point Kibana to the other cluster (in its config file).

(There is another way with cross-cluster search in Elasticsearch, but that's a whole other level)

@warkolm - Thanks. Please point me to suitable documentation which has information about preparing config file.

See Configure Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

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