Kibana - how to exclude value 0 from table


I am on kibana 7.0.1.
What do I need to enter in the json part, if I want to exclude value o in table as below?

Do I need to enable scripting in elasticsearch? How?


Just mouseover the 0 value and 2 magnifying glasses with a + and a - should appear. Click on the one with 0 if you want to exclude the 0 values.

Thanks bro for the answer. But that was not what my question means.

Ref the attached table, how to display only data with number except the name with 0 value from column W/o_Entry ?

I'm in the midst to create the table displaying only names with value (don't want names with 0 entry).

Thanks for help. I'm new guy with kibana tho.

Just enter in the filter bar in the top: not W/o_Entry : 0 and this will do what you want. No need to change the JSON by hand as the filter does this for you.

Thanks bro.