Kibana: How to migrate dashboards from DEV/TEST to PROD, and Version control it?

After reading the object persistence of Kibana ( , I understand the objects are persisted in ES layer.

We are planning to have enterprise implementation of ELK stack, but it has to go through traditional DEV, TEST and PROD cycle. In this case

  • How would you migrate dashboards (say developed in DEV) to TEST or PROD?
  • Any best practices to store these objects (dashboards/saved searches) in git (version control?)


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Hi Kieran,

I don't know about storing objects in using version control software.

But migrating between Dev/Test/Prod is easy. This doc link should give you all the details:
You can export your saved objects from dev to Test and then to prod.

You can also copy the data folder from under ES dev -test -prod and so on. But I suspect that's not something which you might want? Look at the 3rd step here. This essentially copies all of your data between versions which you can use for all three of your environments. But your dev data might be different than test and prod data. If you just want saved objects then exporting the json and importing it is the way to go.


Thank you for the reply.
Option1 which you suggested is NOT feasible in our case :worried: as we use automated deployments.
Option2 seems interesting. Let me have a look if we can make into a possibility to ensure all systems are in-line on automated deployments.


Option2: when we copy data/config to ES, does it require stop and upgrade? As per Step3, it asks to stop & upgrade. Any tricks, so can we push config changes via an API?

thanks again

Yes. You will have to restart for the transition.


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