How to deploy my Dev server ELK stack into customer PROD server

I have created Kibana dashboard in my local windows machine as DEV server.
I want to deploy my ELK stack with my dashboard into customer PROD server(which is located in another network).

Please advise me the best practice to handle this case.

You can use saved objects import/export for this purpose. Saved Objects helps you keep track of and manage your saved objects. These objects store data for later use, including dashboards, visualizations, maps, index patterns, Canvas workpads, and more.

You can use the saved object export API for this purpose. It allows you to retrieve sets of saved objects that you want to import into Kibana.( in this case your PROD server)


POST /api/saved_objects/_export

POST /s/<space_id>/api/saved_objects/_export

hope it helps,


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