Kibana iframe working due to cookies attribute "SameSite"

At moment, Kibana refuses to work in newer versions of browsers for iframe (for example for Chrome 80.0.3987.149). Is there any way on the Kibana side to set cookies attributes - "SameSite=None" and "Secure"?

You can turn on the secure flag using the setting.

SameSite can't be set right now, here is the issue to track the fix: - the issue also lists a workaround for the problem.

Thank you, I saw it, but it seems there is no answer from Kibana developers.
And I'm sorry, but I did not see workarounds in problem there.

No worries!

As a side note: The issue was originally created by a Kibana developer - it's difficult to see on Github, when you are hovering over a name it says Member of elastic:
Screenshot 2020-03-27 at 16.14.50

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