Login problem after embeddding our Kibana Dashboard to an external site

We have a login problem after embeddding our Kibana Dashboard to an external site.
After copying the iFrame code of a dashboard and embeddding it, when we try to login into Kibana the login page just gets reloaded and it's not letting us inside kibana. This issue is happening only when using google chrome but when
we use firefox Kibana is working fine for us.

While searching a solution for this issue i found the below documentation from elasticsearch. How to solve this issue ?? please help :slightly_smiling_face:

This is happening because Google changed Chrome recently. It started treating the absence of a SameSite attribute as if it was SameSite=Lax.

The SameSite attribute instructs a browser that it should only send cookies to the same site.

You'll need to set this in your kibana.yml file:

xpack.security.sameSiteCookies: true
xpack.security.secureCookies: true

To use Secure Cookies you'll need SSL enabled on Kibana (e.g., the URL starts with "https://").
If you don't already have SSL enabled, you can find out how to configure it here.

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