Problem in Embedding iframe

Hey everyone.
I have been encountering a problem while trying to embed iframe of my dashboard into my application.
Whenever i try to add credentials on the login page and press enter, the login page appears again, and this repeats.
On the other hand, when i use the same url in incognito mode, a pop up occurs which guides to open in new window and then it gets logged in after entering the credentials.
When i was trying to find a solution for this, i came across a blog that instructed to add a command in kibana.yml which was "None", when i set this, my page says that this connection is not secure.
I don't know what to do now.

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Hi @Saksham_Kawatra,

Can you share your iframe configuration and relevant kibana security settings?

It could be a couple of things including configuration or a browser issue, so I would recommend checking if either of the below fixes remediate your issue:

  1. Kibana login loop while use iframe
  2. Kibana stuck in login loop - #9 by ayushr

Hope that helps!

Hi @carly.richmond
Thanks for replying to my problem.

My security settings in kibana.yml includes the following : true "None"

and for the iframe, i had copied it directly from kibana at the time of creating it. Can you please tell me what type of iframe configuration are you asking for?

Hi @Saksham_Kawatra,

Thanks for confirming. Have you changed the iframe link at all?

Do you have any authentication settings configured, such as anonymous authentication?

No I have not changes the iframe link,
and also no, right now there is no anonymous authentication.

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