Kibana iframes issue

I have created a website which displays an iframe of the kibana dashboard and I have a filter option in my website and it shows a side bar with an iframe of another dashboard in kibana with only filters visualization.

What I'm trying to achieve is enter all the filters in the filters iframe and then I have an external button which will get the iframe url and then I want to just take out the filter part of the url and apply to my moam dashboard iframe url.

But I'm getting an cross domain error while trying to read the filters iframe url
Can someone help me in fixing this

Hi @Iyashwant , I am also trying same but first problem that I am facing is, I can see the login prompt of kibana. After putting user name and password login fail and again login screen come. How did you solve login issue?

I am starting witn below simple code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>This is Title</title>
<iframe src="http://xxxxxxxx:5601/s/xxxxxx/app/dashboards#/view/........?embed=true&_g=(.............))" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

Any help appreciated.... thanks in advance

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