I am facing issue to open kibana url in iframe

I have kibana setup in https and configuare previously.
It is working fine for me.
but when other user is login in webapplication they are getting errors.

iframe src="!()%2CrefreshInterval%3A(pause%3A!t%2Cvalue%3A0)%2Ctime%3A(from%3Anow-7d%2Fd%2Cto%3Anow))&hide-filter-bar=true" height="600" width="800">

I am displaying this in my web application.

I am able to se dashboard in my application.

but when other user login in same page they are getting below error.

The webpage at!()%2CrefreshInterval%3A(pause%3A!t%2Cvalue%3A0)%2Ctime%3A(from%3Anow-7d%2Fd%2Cto%3Anow))&hide-filter-bar=true might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Hi @devdev7711,

I assume you generated the iframe code using the embedded code steps? It might be the other used doesn't have access.

I would recommend looking at the on anonymous embedding and access and embedded content sections of the docs.

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