Kibana ignores console.enabled setting

i want to disable "Dev Tools" for our kibana in production.
But kibana ignores the "console.enabled: false" setting in kibana.yml and shows it anyway.
I have also rebooted kibana several times.

Kibana Version: 5.5.0


Dev tools contain only console in OSS Kibana and also has profiler and grokdebugger if you have x-pack.
console.enabled: false should definitely work for disabling console. But profiler and grok debugger will need to be disabled separately as well. Can you please check if your Kibana has x-pack installed?

Also whenever you change /add/delete anything in Kibana.yml - when you restart, Kibana will need to optimize again. It looks like this in logs: log [15:03:08.119] [info][optimize] Optimizing and caching bundles for kibana, stateSessionStorageRedirect, timelion and status_page. This may take a few minutes

Can you please check if you see this in your logs?


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Ok, each function has to be disabled separately. Thank you!

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