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I use these settings in kibana.yml, only the Timeline is not getting displayed. The Dev Tools still getting displayed, even after restating the Kibana service. Any idea?

console.enabled: false
timelion.enabled: false


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Dev tools contain only console in OSS Kibana and also has profiler and grokdebugger if you have x-pack.
console.enabled: false should definitely work for disabling console. But profiler and grok debugger will need to be disabled separately as well. Can you please check if your Kibana has x-pack installed?

Also whenever you change /add/delete anything in Kibana.yml - when you restart, Kibana will need to optimize again. It looks like this in logs: log [15:03:08.119] [info][optimize] Optimizing and caching bundles for kibana, stateSessionStorageRedirect, timelion and status_page. This may take a few minutes

Can you please check if you see this in your logs?


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Yes, you are right. Initially I added those two settings in kibnana.yml file. The console and the Timeless are hidden.
Also I got the warning to optimise.

Later I tried updating the /path to kibana/src/core_plugins/kibana/index.js file and saw able to hide the Dev Tolls menu. I tried hiding Dev Tools, Timeline, Discover, Dashboard, Visualise. But I didn't try to hide Management menu. Is it possible to hide Management also?

Actually I need to hide and display based on the logged in user. After reading few articles, came to know that the X-pack settings will help to do that. But not sure whether X-pack needs to be installed seperately. Currenly i installed only Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.
Please clarify.


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Management, Visualize, Discover and Dashboard are not plugins, they are part of Kibana core and currently there is no easy way to hide them.

Which version of Kibana are you on ? By default, when you install Kibana, X-Pack is installed in 6.3.0

IF you are just giving it a shot , try 6.3.0

Hope this helps

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Installed this version 6.3.0 for Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

I want to implement the user authentication for Kibana UI. No need to install X-Pack separately for this purpose?


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Starting with version 6.3, all of the free X-Pack features, such as monitoring, CSV exports, Search Profiler, Grok Debugger, and dedicated APM UIs, ship with the default distribution of Kibana. When you install Kibana, it generates a Basic license with no expiration date. You can view the status of your license, update your license, or start a 30-day trial of Platinum features in Management > License Management.

The trial enables you to try out features such as security , machine learning, alerting, graph capabilities, and more. So for your use case , Trial license ( free 30 day) gives you user authentication. Try it . No need to install X-pack separately for this purpose.


Hope this helps


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So its free for 30 days only? After that update License means need to pay?

Path to kibana-6.3.0-darwin-x86_64 admin$ bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack
Kibana now contains X-Pack by default, there is no longer any need to install it as it is already present.
Path to kibana-6.3.0-darwin-x86_64 admin$ bin/kibana

Before runnign Kibana, Do I need to update the kibana.yml file? to enable the admin., user menu in Kibana UI?


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At the end of the trial period ( 30 days) , the platinum features operate in a degraded mode. You can revert to a basic license, extend the trial, or purchase a subscription. ( degrade mode: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elastic-stack-overview/6.3/license-expiration.html ) Checkout this page to see the subscriptions and relevant features available for each license types:


No, you do not need to enable admin in kibana.yml file .

elasticsearch.username: and elasticsearch.password:
If your Elasticsearch is protected with basic authentication ( if u start with trial) , these settings provide the username and password that the Kibana server uses to perform maintenance on the Kibana index at startup. Your Kibana users still need to authenticate with Elasticsearch, which is proxied through the Kibana server.

I also suggest you to go over this tutorial which gets you started easily with kibana: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/getting-started.html

Hope this helps


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Ok understood, but in some posts its written that need to enable these below settings:
elasticsearch.username: "user"
elasticsearch.password: "pwd"

I even did that and added this setting in kibana.yml and elasticsearch.yml:
xpack.security.enabled: true

But I can't see the X-Pack installed under the Management page. I couldn't see the login page for Kibana. its not prompting.


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When you install 6.3.0 it comes with Basic License - you would have to enable Trial license from the management UI to avail all the features which Trial license offers for 30 days. Trial is almost equivalent to Platinum. You will see the login page when you are on Trial License .

I suggest you to go through the Getting Started Guide again - which gives you a step by step details about the same.

Hope it helps,


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