How to hide some menus in Kibana 6.x

how to hide timelion devtools monitoring managment in kibana sidemenu ? i have tried
console.enabled: false
timelion.enabled: false
but didn't get any changes

what is the alternative way for this?

hi @RamyaGowda,

you can't hide those buttons for the core Kibana-apps. You can only do this for the x-pack components.

Usually, when people want to modify the main-UI, they fork Kibana and manually remove/replace the buttons/images in the code. For example, here you could probably just use CSS to hide those buttons.

you could add some simple CSS like:

.global-nav-link__anchor[href="http://localhost:5601/app/timelion"] {
 display: none;
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do i have to add these things in file , to get the changes

I have tried it , it is hiding the buttons which i don't want,but i want to remove the whole functionality along with the button . How could i accomplish this

For removing the functionality, you would need to fork Kibana and remove the src/core_plugins/timelion plugin folder. There may be a couple of other places you need to modify the code (do global search for timelion in src), but removing that folder is likely sufficient.

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Thanks for the replay

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