How to hide some menus in Kibana

How to hide some menus in kibana left side menu bar.. I want to hide Dev Tools. Is there any way to work around..

i think adding console.enabled: false in the kibana.yml should do the trick

In the menus Discover, Visualize, Dashboard, Timelion, Dev Tools, Management ... I want to hide Dev Tools and Timelion... It is related to console.enabled:false

that should hide dev tools. i am not aware of anything that would hide timelion, but you could probably completely remove the plugin under src/core_plugins/timelion

Thanking so much for quick response. Let me check that.

you can also try timelion.enabled: false

I set like below in kibana.yml
#Kibana hiding menu

But it is not hiding anything I got log like this
log [10:36:59.255] [warning][config] Settings for "42" were not applied, check for spelling errors and ensure the plugin is loaded.
log [10:36:59.259] [warning][config] Settings for "43" were not applied, check for spelling errors and ensure the plugin is loaded.

Any mistake is there
Is there any other way to work around?

you might be missing a space there:

console.enabled: false
timelion.enabled: false
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Wow... Great... It is working now. Thanks a lot. Can I apply same for other plugin also like Management, Visualize etc...

management, visualize, discover and dashboard are not plugins, they are part of kibana core and currently there is no easy way to hide them.

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Is it possible to get "management" to not show for users who don't have access? Right now my customers are able to click it but then slapped in the face with the "you don't have access" screen. I'd rather just not have the link available for them.

My hack brain says to ping a service on load, see if it gets an "unauthorized" response and jquery style hide the menu option. Darn hack brain, stop thinking crazy...

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unfortunately that is not possible yet.

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