Tried to hide Settings menu item from Kibana 4.5.1 UI, unsuccessful attempt


I am using ELK current version for logging solution for my project and got stuck with one requirement -
I need to hide "Settings" tab / menu item from Kibana UI. I read online documentation to find if we have some configuration option but could not found it. I wanted to hide it becasue it should not be visisble to users who just wanted to see logs and should only be available for admin users. Can someone help me out to hide this particular tab.

Shield seems not an option for me as it is available for 30 day trial.

I am also open to make a code change to hide it incase there is no other option availble, and revert it back when needed which will be very very rare in my case.

Tried to put ng-if tag in KIBANA_HOME/src/ui/public/chrome/chrome.html like below and restard Kibana but it is not getting reflected.

li ng-repeat="tab in chrome.getTabs()" ng-if="tab.title!='Settings'" ng-class="{ active: }"

Thanks in advance.

You could hide it a couple different ways, a simple approach would be to create a plugin which hides the button using CSS.

Simply hiding the button does not accomplish what Shield would. Shield provides index level permissions for Elasticsearch. Simply hiding the button will not prevent users from either manually navigating to the route or making direct requests to Elasticsearch.

Thanks for your workable idea to hide thru CSS, doing this way it will still be available with direct URL.

Kibana should have two or more set of users - one for normal users and second one is admin. Now admin user can open settings tab and do what ever is required. Like wise other users to view dashboard and/or visualize. There should be configuration availble for set who can see/access what.