Kibana imported filebeat script complains in elasticsearch:

Hi all,
Let me first mention the error I receive:

Error: No matching indices found: [index_not_found_exception] no such index, with { resource.type="index_or_alias" &"filebeat-" & index_uuid="na" & index="filebeat-" }

I have successfully used this source for installing and configuring elk stack from:

However in my last try with the latest stack releases i.e : {kibana,elasticsearch,logstach}5.4.3 using the same steps as above link and upon importing beats dashboard (beats-dashboards-1.1.0) from the url:
the error occurs. My assumption is that there is a change in elasticsearch from 2.x to 5.4.x but can't get my head around it and it already frustrated me as am quite a novice in elasticsearch .
Can somebody please help? Your suggestions and helps are much appreciated.

Hi @hsafe,

since we prefer to move fast with our features, many changes have been made since Elasticsearch 2.x and Kibana 4.x. Since 5.0 we have decided to unify the versioning of the whole stack, meaning that we release compatible versions of all products simultaneously. Essentially that means that the versions of Elasticsearch, Kibana, X-Pack, Logstash and Beats should match. There are some exceptions for Beats and Logstash, which you can see in the support matrix. I would recommend to always start with the latest version of all products to ensure compatibility and make future updates as seamless as possible.

Hi weltenwort

As in the body of the issue I stated my approach has been compliant to es new rules and have done it by
{kibana,elasticsearch,logstach}5.4.3 version...Actually the same goes wit the filebeat 5.4.3

Sorry to have misunderstood you. From your post it looked like you were trying to import the Beats 1.1.0 dashboards into Kibana 5.4.3. So to make sure we are talking about the same thing: You get the aforementioned error when importing the Filebeat 5.4.3 index pattern via ./scripts/import_dashboards -only-index as shown in the documenteation?

Hello weltenwort,

Sorry, maybe it is my bad...anyways that is where my process differed and not until the link you sent I was aware of that...
Anyway trying to follow the link steps trying to import filebeat index pattern , and again I failed :frowning: Actually I managed to get the beats-dashboards-5.4.3 from the address provides in the steps but my trouble was where I could not find the import_dashboards script. I wonder how to do that to get the filebeat index pattern to the kibana

The import_dashboards script should be in the scripts subdirectory of the Filebeat directory. To import the Filebeat index pattern running ./scripts/import_dashboards -only-index from the Filebeat directory should be enough. Filebeat should go ahead and download the files it needs automatically.

Hi again,
You made my is now imported and correctly showing...I am grateful
For the sake of the records I could not find the script as I never had the filebeat package installed on the server itself...after your hint and upon installing filebeat and doing a locate import_dashboards I foud it ...

Thanks again

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