Kibana Incorrect Order for Bar Graph

Hello Team,

I'm visualizing two fields in the vertical bar graph(using split series) but not sure what order it's following?

If you see the count of the second bar is very less and count of the third bar is high in that case the third bar should display first but that's not happening. any idea on this? Please have a look and do suggest me on what basis it's displaying the data and how to sort out this?

Thanks for your time as always. :slight_smile:

This is expected. goes into more detail on why this is.

To see all the values so they look sorted, you can either bump your split series max size to a large enough value (be careful though because this might be an expensive query and expensive to render if it's too large):

Or check group other values in a separate bucket:

Here is how the visualization looks when split on max size of 5 without that checkbox checked:

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