Wrong sort order in vertical bar chart and wrong number of bars


I have multiple problems displaying my indexed data correctly . Index looks as follows (exemplary data):

group number        cell number                      distance          header 
317                            0                        10.4           x,y
317                            1                        7.5             x,z
317                            2                        5.0             x,z
318                            0                        8.2              a,y
318                            1                        4.3              x,b      
318                            2                        3.1              c,d


The cell number with the lowest value contains the highest distance. I want to display 5 arbitrary groups with the 5 highest distances. I'm splitting the series by group number and the chart by header. This is what I got:

All buckets are ordered by distance, but the sort order of the cell numbers on the x-axis is wrong, 4 is before 3. However, the values in the JSON response are returned in the correct order.

Another problem is that some bars for group numbers 326 and 328 are missing. E.g. there exists a distance for group 326 and cell 2 with the same header as cell 1 but the bar for this values is not displayed. Why?

And the last thing is, although I've selected the group size to be 5 the chart is displaying 6 groups

Is this a bug?

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