Kibana index pattern - how to change data type of json field

I am successfully ingesting JSON data into ElasticSearch. Currently, it is using a @Timestamp field which filebeats is automagically including. My JSON data already has a timestamp field containing this data and it is more accurate considering delays in my pipeline.

I am using filebeats to push to Elasticsearch directly.

Filebeat.yml contains json.keys_under_root: true, and it did a great job of creating my fields in the index. These fields are all strings. I was hoping to go into the Kibana Index Pattern editor and change the field from type string to type date. The dropdown is grayed out. It makes sense to me that changing a data type would require some type of conversion and be more involved than just selecting from a dropdown menu. That sure would have been easy though!

So how do I change my index so a field from JSON is used as time series field?

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