Kibana index pattern

i am following the instructions in
number 7. load the kibana index pattern

i run this command:
import_dashboards -only-index -es -file E:\Software\ -user elastic -pass xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

but i got this error:

C:\Program Files\Filebeat\scripts>import_dashboards -only-index -es -file E:\Software\ -user elastic -pass xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Failed to set the mapping: Put read tcp> wsarecv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
Created temporary directory C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035
Unzip archive C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035
Importing Kibana from C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035\beats-dash
Import directory C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035\beats-dashboard
Import index to /.kibana/index-pattern/filebeat-* from C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035\beats-dashboards-5.4.1\filebeat\index-pattern\filebeat.json

Error importing URL/file: Failed to import index-pattern: Failed to load directory C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035\beats-dashboards-5.4.1\filebeat/index-pattern:
error loading C:\Users\jill\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp370722035\beats-dashboards-5.4.1\filebeat\index-pattern\filebeat.json: couldn't load json.
Error: Put*: write tcp>
wsasend: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.


Can you check your ES url is correct? It looks like there is an error while establishing a connection to it

yes it correct when i access it, it displays a json respond

maybe i need to fix my firewall

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