Can't figure out how to load the Kibana Index Pattern

I hit a road block with trying to load the Kibana Index Pattern. I thought I follow the instruction from Elastic site but whatever I do, I can't get the Index Pattern to load on the Kibana.
I try to follow the instruction from and but I can't seem to find the script that will import the Index Pattern per instruction:
"To load this pattern, you can use the script that’s provided for importing dashboards:
./scripts/import_dashboards -only-index"
I really appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance!

How did you install beats?

Hi Warkolm,
I installed the filebeat on host (remote) server (CentOS) using Debian repository method.
I configured the filebeat and running before I try to import the Index Pattern.
One more thing I forgot the mention, I have installed Elastic, Kibana and Logstash on Docker container (Ubuntu).

You won't be able to install on centos using apt, I think you mean yum.

Are you sure beats are exporting data to LS?

Hi Mark,

When I ran "sudo ./filebeat -e -c /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml -d "publish""
I get the attached output.
According to Elastic site, "Filebeat will attempt to connect on port 5043
(I thought it should be port 5044). Untill Logstash starts with an active
Beats plugin, there won't be any answer on that port, so any messages you
see regarding failure to connect on that port are normal for now."
Thank you for dealing with me on this issue.

I will reattach the file, I accidently erased it when editing the post.

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