Kibana Infra View Docker Container/Pods

I have 2 problems firstly i am unable to see pods metrics in kubernetes tab in infra view.
Second problem is that docker containers have really high cpu usage metrics which i believe cannot be true. chrome_2019-05-21_09-30-41
Those strong blue indicate that there is even 700 + cpu percent usage.
I am using Rancher 2.1.
Here is the link to metric and file beat config filebeat/metricbeat

cc /@Kerry

So i redeployed it with my chart which i can send you and with the same configurations i get no kubernetes infra view even tho when i check on metrics it shows that the data is loaded so metricbeat for k8s is applied
So here is my chart.

Hi @Rafal_Radziejewski,

Sorry you're experiencing issues with the Infrastructure UI. This is a setup I'm unfamiliar with, please bear with me whilst I confer with colleagues.

Can i get some concrete informations regarding the chart i've sent ??

I've replied above saying please bear with me, we are a distributed company and cross a lot of timezones.

Ahh okey didn'tunderstood

@Rafal_Radziejewski For the first problem with the Pods not displaying data....

When you click through to "View Metrics" for a pod, are the charts empty? If they are empty, can you run the following query in the Kibana dev console and post the response?

POST metricbeat-*/_search?terminate_after=1
  "query": {
    "match": {
      "": "pod"
  "size": 1

What I suspect is happening is that the kubernetes.pod.uid field is not being set properly in the agent but I would need to see some sample data to know for sure.

For the Docker metrics, I talked with @exekias and he explained that the percentage reported is all the cores combined. If you have 8 cores then it could report up to 800%. Since he's mentioned here, he can follow up with additional questions.

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