Kibana is helpful but interface is very horrible


I've been using Kibana for months but something that really irritates me is the value limit for Lens. Dashboard lens is super intuitive and I love it but its very disappointing to see how the value limit is only up to 100

I asked this question recently and got some responses but no one gave me a clear guide or answer on how to get the full clean list of dataset / values that are 100+ counts.

I feel like this could be a such a minor function that would've helped so many users' lives.

Can anyone please give me a clear guidance of how to get the full list?

Thank you

Here is Lens with 7.14 using the sample web logs...
Noticed as was said in the other thread that Max Number of is now 1000.

This is using the sample data... so now you can go up to 1000.

That table has 1000 rows, today there is no a visualization with infinite rows.

Hi thank you for the response!
Is there a way to update my Lens? I am trying to understand what Lens with 7.14 is.

You will need to update Elasticsearch and Kibana to version 7.14 which is the latest version.

It not possible to just update Lens independently.


Understood thank you very much - I'll try again after upgrading Kibana

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