Kibana visualization showing data as "Other"

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I am having an issue where some of the data on visualizations including in tables/dashboards appear as "Other". The index that holds this data have no data with that particular word. What could be the reason for this anomaly? When I removed them via the include/exclude icons it goes and create a filter with those lines. In those lines I could see the actual data it has replaced with the word "Other". I tried to find any pattern in data like null values or similar for this issue to occur but found nothing.

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Answer to this one lies in the Kibana designers Top Values settings. The maximum is 100. So anything more than that it seems to identify as "Other".

Yes, thats right . The max number is 100. The reason we limit them is that the tables are built using aggregations (same as any other visualization). Elasticsearch has a limit on the number of buckets it can work with for each query (read the docs about search.max_buckets ). For an open control of that number of values, you can try the visualization called Data Table (under Visualizations > Create). It allows you to enter any number (although the same ES max_buckets limitation still applies). Rest of them are identified as other.


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Interesting there has been an update...

As of 7.14 The lens table now supports 1000 rows for Top N, today there is no a visualization with infinite rows.

We just had a conversation about this in this thread

That's interesting to know. Thanks you for updating @stephenb

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Thanks @stephenb, Appreciates your reply and and noted. Cheers.

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Thanks @rashmi, Appreciates your reply and and noted. Cheers.

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