All values but not only "other" in values / 0% when a possible value not in log

Hi there,
1- I got a table in dashboard with value "Others".In fact i'd like to have all values listed at first, how
can i have this result ?
2- In a column i can have many values for example A,B,C, i'd like to have 0% for C when i only have
A,B values,is it possible ?
Thx for help :slight_smile:

Hi @Emilaye ,

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Can I ask which tool did you use to build the tables in your dashboard?

Assuming you've used Lens, the Other value usually comes by default from the Top values function: you can read more about it at the bottom of this page.

As for your second question, may I ask how is your document structured?

Hi, how can i have different values listed instead of top values?
For second question, we want to check that all possible values are in log otherwise printing 0% for a value not in file, the file is a log with pipe as separator,
thx for yoyr support :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply, didn't get the notification :sweat: .

how can i have different values listed instead of top values?

If you want to have a finer control over your values rather than just letting Lens picking up the "Top values" you can use Filters, but then manually define all the possible values. This could be probably a better case for also the second question:

In the example above I've created a query for each row using Filters and the last one is 0 as there's no match found.

Thanx for you reply, yes i use Lens, can i change "top value" to "list of different valuesFor the second question, i use a log file with pipe a seperator , we want to check if all possible values are in file or 0% or 0 for the values not in file.
thx for your support :slight_smile:

Thanks Marco,
i used these filters with all defined values i was waiting for, but having quite a lot of filters (more than 300) i have an error when trying to go back to the view.... maybe there is another way to be more efficient...
finnally we'd like to test the log file to find out when an unexpected value is reported in it,...
Thx for any help,

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