Kibana: top values and "missing" (other) values

I'm using Kibana 7.10.2, and I want to make a pie chart where the slices are the top values of a field. There is a slider to change the number of values.

However, I seem to recall that, in older versions, there was a tick box that allowed an additional slice for the "missing" (other values). For example, with that and number of values = 5, there were 5 slices, one for each of the 5 most frequently occurring values, and one slice with the count of records having any other value.

Can the "others" slice be added in Kibana 7.10.2?

Hi @fabbo,

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The Other and missing bucket aggregation has been added in Lens since version 7.11 . If you can upgrade your instance you will find it exactly in the panel.

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