Kibana Lens Visualization showing data as "other" where as I have values for that fields

Hi There,

I have created a Kibana Lens visualization (Datatable) where I am showing some tabular data from my index. The problem I have is even if I have some values in one my field (documenttitle), it is showing as "other" in the visualization.

What could be the issue here. Any pointer is highly appreciated.


Lens is best for aggregating data (seeing counts / summaries of data). When you visualize a "keyword" field like your searchInfo.keyword field, lens is using "top values" (top hits in Elasticsearch) to return the most used terms for your slice of data. If you click on your keyword field in Lens you can control how many terms come back with a hard limit at 1000....and you can also disable this "Other" functionality which shows you how much is excluded from the top 1000 terms.

If you're interested in building a table that isn't aggregated (not counting anything), try using Discover instead of Lens to build a table of documents at a one row per document.

Hi @sagar.pattnayak ,

We've tried to explain a bit better what's Other and documents without fields in this page: Lens | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic

At the bottom of the page you can find FAQ as What data is categorized as Other? and How do I add documents without a field?

Hi @Marco_Liberati ,

Thanks for your response and apologies from my side for not responding earlier. I do see that the solution is working however not it is not showing all the data. We are in process of procuring elastic license, so may be this is somethin i can ask to professional support once we have the license. The Lens views are weird and not showing all results as per the KQL.


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