Can't see all fields in lens

I use 7.5 elk, and try to create visualization with lens.
But when I choice my index pattern i can't find all fields that exist in index.
why? exist any legality for fields in lens ?
There is not filter on type.
I can't find string field that exist in discover

I think that you are running into a bug that has been fixed with 7.5.1- keyword fields from an older version of Kibana were accidentally hidden in 7.5.0. There is a workaround you can use without upgrading, which is to go to Management -> Index Patterns -> Refresh the index pattern you want

I try this , not help.
I create new index pattern - same cant use the field.
But when i check fields in patter this column dont have green point in Aggregatable column

That would explain it- if the field is not aggregatable, it's probably a text mapping instead of a keyword mapping.

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