Limitation on the value of top values


I am implementing dashboards with data that I am collecting every day through a process that loads CSV files and then processes all that data.

The problem I am running into is the following. When I want to build a dashboard where I use top value, I have seen that the limit is 1000 top values. So if I had more than 1000 values that I wanted to list or display in a table, I couldn't. Is this limitation due to the consumption of machine resources? What can I do if I want to list more than a thousand top values? What solutions could there be?


Thank you very much in advance

Discover can export up to 10,000 documents. Does that meet your needs? Lens is meant to aggregate data. We have this current limit to prevent hitting the bucket limits in Elasticsearch. However, it may be we are being too conservative with the 1000 limit. this issue tracks the discussion about this - [Lens] Provide better guidance for dimension cardinality (especially for top values) · Issue #95007 · elastic/kibana · GitHub ...i've added a mention of this discuss post.

if Discover doesn't meet your needs (you need 1000+ rows of the aggregated result from lens)....then, if you don't mind me asking, what do you intend to do with this report?

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