Increase Top values aggregation limit above 1000


I am trying to generate a graph with a lot of records (~10k) and get the top values in an horizontal bar chart.
It works well but the Top Values: Number of values is limited to 1000 entries meaning I cant see all my data.

I checked the doc, advanced settings and tried to search if this was a parameter of my shard/index but could not find how to increase this limit.
Would anybody know how to do it ?

PS: I guess this limit is here for performances reasons.

Hi @lerignoux ,

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As you already suggested the limit for 1000 values is mostly due to performance reasons, but also on the visualization side, having already 1000 values on a screen 4000px wide ( > 4k ) means that there are no more than 4 pixels for each value bar.

Do you need to visualize all the values in your dataset? You have a particular use case for that?

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Thank you for your help.

Actually I will not display all the values.
I am setting up an horizontal bar chart so records are aggregated together according to this slice top values. The problem is that because of this 1000 limit I cannot fetch all the records and some rows are not showing up:

For instance in a worse case if you have 1000 records A and 1 records B (that arrive last) you could end up with a chart showing only the row for A records and think B record does not exists.

Or maybe there is something else I didn't setup properly ?

I think there's a misunderstanding.
The Number of values parameter sets a limit of the number of values, not records/documents fetched from the dataview: say you want to visualize the full dataview, and you visualize a field with only 3 values (i.e. success,warning,error) within 1 million documents, then any value above 3 for Number of values should work.

In your pic looks like there are less than 100 values in your documents for that field: perhaps the time range is too short? Or perhaps you have some filters enabled?


Thanks for the info, I currently have no other filter than the date range one.
Adding a filter on the right entries I do see them appear in the chart. So time range is correcty too.

I lowered the value and had more rows than my limit. Though, changing it does alter the aggregation limit sent to Elasticsearch:

I'm not so clear of what this aggregation limit means, Ill try to check the doc.

  • checking ES doc it seems this parameter can go up to search.max_buckets so should be large.
    Though it should indeed return up to 1000 props. Though according to the doc, results can be indeed be missing but having only 1 shard it should not from what I understand.

I may still need to increase the max value but don't know how.

Ok I think I found my issue ... All the rows up to 1000 are indeed found and displayed if the chart is big enough vertically.
It was too shrink-ed and thus hiding results that could not legibly be displayed.

Thanks a lot @Marco_Liberati for helping me understand how all this worked.

Have a nice weekend


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