How can I increase number of values of visualize

I want to increase number of values of visualize, but I can't found the setting to increase.
now, the number of values is 1000, I want to increase to 3000, how can I increase?


Hi @yts85205107

that is not possible at the moment, as the limit is set to 1000.
May I ask why would you need so many distinct values?
Just to clarify that control indicates the number of distinct username.keyword values stored, so 1000 distinct usernames, not simply the first 1000 documents.

To visualize 3000 distinct values, even if the chart assigns 1 px for each it would still require more than 3000 pixels ( 1px each + some margin), which is way more than a regular screen resolution, and impossible to read.
Are you looking for something in particular with such large number of values?

because we need to search more username and download csv to check user behavior.
for example we have a new function and we want to know how many users use last 2 weeks.

You can get this by building a table visualization showing the number of unique username.keyword and filtering by the field that has you function name.

Also, if you want to create a visualization to export to CSV you may skip the visualization part and use one of the Elasticsearch clients in your preferred language to query elasticsearch and gives you the result.

In Kibana the number of values is limited to 1000.

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ok, thank you.

I will use query elasticsearch to collect information.

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