Kibana issues

I have kibana 7.5 its running but when i installed 8.5 in same server i started but in browser its showing server is not ready yet.
Another thing is in kibana 7.5 i want request & response of a visualisation. Im unable to found. Its urgent.

@Biswajit welcome to the Elastic discuss forum. Next time please create focused topics for each issue and provide as much detail as possible to reduce the back and forth bounce. You'll get better and faster answers!! :smile:

Did you upgrade your stack first to 7.17 as per documentation? Are you getting any meaningful messages in your logs? Is elasticsearch 8.5 running without issues?

Can you explain better this? Is this a visualization you are missing from a previous version? On which dashboard? Have you checked the visualization library and related dashboards?

looks like not that urgent. :grinning:

by the way 7.x kibana configuration might not work with 8.x as few thing has removed/deprecated

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