Kibana keep state (dashboards, visualizations, settings...) on Docker ELK


I am using Docker ELK and I keep Elasticsearch data permanently by using the following on .yml

- /path/to/storage:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data

As I have read around, Kibana saves state (dashboards, visualizations, settings...) information within Elasticsearch in an index named .kibana, which should be inside /path/to/storage folder.
But it .kibana doesn't exists on this folder, so Kibana state is not loaded on new containers.

Do I miss something? Is the any other configuration I should make?

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like you're doing it right. You're correct that all Kibana saved objects are stored in Elasticsearch, in the .kibana index. It doesn't write anything to the filesystem (save for maybe some temporary files, but even that I'm pretty sure doesn't happen). So if you are correctly persisting Elasticsearch's data dir, it should include Kibana information as well.

You're sure there's only a single instance of ES in the container, and that the Kibana instance is talking to that single ES instance, and not some other instance?

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