Kibana keeps dying

I have a 3 nodes(ec2 instance) cluster with 4 GB memory each. I assign 2 GB for Elasticsearch server(2.1). And on one of the instance, I installed kibana 4.3.1 and sense. The issue is this instance keeps dying. probably last one or two days. Don't have much activities on this instance yet. The elasticsearch cluster is pretty stable.

Since a new ec2 instance is created and can't find the log and not sure what's causing the instance unavailable. Just saw somebody post some memory issue on kibana 4.2. Wondering if this is still an issue for 4.3.1.

4.3.1 logs to stdout unless you redirect that to a log file using the -l flag.

log? I found kibana log in /var/log/kibana. while the system is running normally i don't see any exception in the log... but after some time, can't even ssh to the instance. There is not much activity to kibana and it just dies, doubt it is memory issue as other mentioned.. i can see the memory increase by checkin ps aux --sort rss |grep kibana